bath and body

Westminster Bath & Body

Our body and bath range has been developed with our belief that body care routines should be the most enjoyable experience with the highest benefit to your skin. We have created unique formulas to fit your skin’s need, enriching it with skin loving ingredients in a selection of formulations especially created to take care of your skin, leaving it soft, moisturised and elegantly scented. We’ve captured ethereal scents, tender memories and timeless elegance, liquefied them and exquisitely blended them with our skin loving formulations, finally infusing in a bottle.

Westminster England’s body and bath range will increase the luxuriousness of the lives of generations of men and women who care about their body and believe that bathing & body care routines should provide a benefit to their mind, body and soul. Westminster England is for the woman who exudes the image of a high class, elegant, modern woman and for the man who is groomed, fashionable, modern and confident with his own unique style.